Monday, June 18, 2018

Editable Calendars and Newsletters

This past year, we became a 1:1 digital classroom.  During "Meet the Teacher Night", I had Chromebooks set up all over the classroom ready for parents.  They filled out all of the information I needed through Google Forms.  It was great having everything I needed all nice and neat in a Google Spreadsheet!  I was especially excited to get their e-mail addresses.  Can you believe I got all but three?  WOW!  I had never had it so easy before.

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By having their e-mail address, I was able to keep parents up-to-date with things going on in our classroom as well as share my Google Calendar with them.  While this was all very exciting, I still felt that it was important to do things the "old-fashioned" way and send home a parent letter as well as a calendar.  Sometimes, it's all about having things at the touch of a fingertip, but other times, it's all about having that information in your hand.

I LOVE these calendars that I designed a few years ago.  (Did you know that if you purchase once, you can download the updated calendars every June for FREE?)  I love to change to a different design each year.  In fact, I usually do one in color for myself and the black and white editable calendar for parents.

Each editable set includes both landscape and portrait for your convenience. They also include an editable monthly newsletter as well as an editable weekly newsletter.

Editable covers that can be personalized are included also!

These calendars can be printed and placed in a notebook.  Want them to look more professional like some of the expensive ones out there?  I purchased this binder several years ago and I'm so happy I did!    I've used it for so many things!  (Don't forget, it can also be used as a tax deduction... Whoo!  Hoo!)

You'll definitely want a pack of these click spines that can hold up to 85 pages! These are also reusable.  So once you have both of these, you are set for YEARS!!


You can find these calendars in a variety of themes.  This year I’m using Turquoise and Lime Green as these are my favorite colors.

You can also find these themes:  year-round, black and white (I think this one is so elegant and was my calendar choice last year), scrappy, polka-dots and glitter.  These calendars are so inexpensive, that you can buy more than one to swap out your theme.

Included with your download you will also find a "How to Use this Product" guide.  I want you to get the most bang for your buck, because...

That's my Kind of Teaching!

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