Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Homeschool Classroom

Recently, I made the decision to retire, after thirty years of teaching.  Many, many reasons were behind my decision, but the most EXCITING one, was the opportunity to help homeschool my grandson.  I set up a classroom in my house so that we could begin doing some activities to see how he would respond.  It has been one of my most FAVORITE things ever!  Check out our pictures of our room!

I am using a small sitting room between two bedrooms for our classroom.  I spent very little money, because I scoured my house to see which items I could move into this room.  There is a ton of natural light from the large windows.  The ceiling is very high, making the room feel much larger than it actually is.  

After moving in the furniture, it was time to make the room into a classroom, ready for fun and learning!  I purchased this clock for $4 from the General Dollar Store.  The small cork board was mine as a child.  I purchased two packs of brillo pads from the Dollar Tree and stapled them on.  It is now a perfect board for any items that have velcro.

 I added a a soft throw blanket and a trash can.  I already had the plastic container.  It is filled with zippered bags I purchased from Amazon.  They are perfect for grab and go activities.

This was a CD/DVD holder that one of my daughters left behind when she got married It is perfect for holding several small containers with different items in them.  The small table with the kleenex, was moved from my sunroom.  I purchased the chair from Target a couple of years ago for my home office  It fits perfectly in the corner.  The lamp is at least 30-years old, but still works great!

This chair cushion makes sitting on the floor more comfortable.  What would a classroom be without at least one friend?  Our soft doggie is a friend to hold or just watch while we are learning.  The small stool is perfect for my grandson to look out the window.

I moved this small shelf from another room in the house.  It holds coloring books, activity books, sensory bins, construction paper, pencil boxes with crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue and a few other items.

 The write/wipe/magnetic board is the only larger item that I purchased for our classroom.  It was less than $20.  I also purchased the smaller board for the grandson to use.

 I purchased this $1 mirror from the Dollar Tree.  We use this for reading "mirror sight words", and of course, looking at our expressions!

 We make sure that we complete at least one of each of these activities during our fun learning time.  Luke loves to check off each box.  

Another leftover from before our daughters married is this larger corkboard.  I used fabric that I had purchased years ago when I taught second grade.  I also used some border that I purchased a few years ago.  I bought the small hanging pocket chair several years ago at a Target.

 My daughter gave us this coffee table.  It is the perfect size for our classroom.  The straw basket holds laminated cards for tracing.

 Here is the view from one door.  We LOVE our perfect sized room! 

My other daughter (the mother of my grandson), gave us this rug.  We love playing movement games on it.  Under the coffee table is a large plastic container filled with pebbles and construction toys for sensory play. My grandson and I are so enjoying our learning time together.  This is our favorite space as homeschooling has become, My Kind of Teaching.

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