Friday, June 22, 2018

Once a Month Grocery Shopping - Part 2

How did you do getting your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer organized?  It was a real eye-opener for me the first time I did it!  Now that you’ve made a list of what you have on hand, it’s time for step two!
When you go shopping for clothes, shoes, items for the home, etc., you probably don’t go into a store planning on paying the full price do you?  No, we all love those great sales and try to find the best deals.  Grocery shopping should use the same mentality and that is what we’re going to focus on this week.

Step Two
Whether you use (or don’t use) the weekly flyers for the best sales, it’s time to look at them just a little differently.  Pull out those weekly ads in paper form or on-line and think critically as you look at the ads.  The point is to get stocked up with the things that you normally use in your meal preparation.  Look through everything that is on sale.  Which are the best prices?  What is your grocery budget?  You might only be able to get one item at the sale price, or your grocery budget might be enough that you can get several.  Remember:  It will last just as well on your pantry shelf, refrigerator, or freezer, as it will on the store shelf waiting on you to pay full price when you are completely out of the item!

The secret to saving the most money is to get to the point where you are ONLY buying those items that are on sale.  The “Big Idea” is to get stocked up by purchasing only the items that are on sale, even if it is not something you need for this week’s menus.  When money allows, buy several of those items.  (Many sales items are repeated in a 12-week cycle.)  Always check the expiration date and don’t purchase more than you can use in that length of time.

Now that you’ve perused the weekly ad, make a list of the items that you want to purchase.  Be sure to include the name, size, and price of the item on sale.  If money is tight and there is something that you want, but is not a pressing need, don’t purchase it.  Wait until the next time you see it on sale.  If money is REALLY tight, you might only be able to stock up on a limited number of items.  However, anything you can stock up on, will save you money in the long run.

Add up the total of everything on your list so that you have an estimate of the cost.

If there are multiple stores that have items you want to purchase, combine into one shopping day if possible, but don’t forget to take along a cooler for your cold items. 

By staying stocked up on items, you will find that it is rare to need to purchase things at full price.

I’ll be back next Friday with your next steps to save money as you begin making a monthly menu using ONLY those items you already have on hand.

Helping you save money and stretch those dollars is justMY KIND OF TEACHING!

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