Monday, February 17, 2020

Leap Into Learning Blog Hop

I'm so excited to have you join me and my blogging friends today!  We're doing something a little different and we're so excited!  We have joined up for a FREEBIE Blog Hop.  Not familiar with a blog hop?  Here's how it works...

Each blogger has a freebie to offer you.  This freebie will forever be a freebie and will help you at any time of the year and in any season.  The freebies range from grades K-5.  You can "hop" to each freebie in order starting with mine, and end back at mine.  Just like a giant circle!  Hop to them all and you'll have 22 awesome freebies!

Along the way, you'll read about the freebies and see the pictures of them in action.  You can download only the activities you need now, or download them all in case you ever change grade levels.  

Don't have time to read about each one or download them all?  You can click on these buttons to start at the beginning of the hop for just these grade levels.

(You're in luck!  My blog is the first one for grades 3-5)

NO PREP Literacy Center FREEBIE!

Is prepping and planning, planning and prepping getting you down?  Make your life easier with this NO PREP Literacy Center.

This literacy center is a fun true/false activity.  There are four pages to print.
  • Page 1 - Center Directions - Add a pop of color by printing on color copy paper or just print on regular white paper.
  • Page 2 & 3 - True/False Task cards - Again, print on color copy paper or regular white.  Straight lines make the cutting minimum and ready to go in just a few snips!
  • Page 4 - Student Response Page - Print a class set on white copy paper.
  • An answer guide is also included.

This center can be used for 2nd-4th grades.  Click here or on the picture below to download this freebie.  You can also save this pin to your favorite Pinterest board so that you can revisit this blog hop at anytime!

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After you've downloaded this freebie, hop to the next blog to find another fantastic product to use in your classroom.  

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Monday, February 10, 2020

FREE Valentine's Day Printable Resources

FREE Valentine's Day Printable Resources

It's the time of the year when love is in the air and students are excited about another holiday to celebrate!  

Whether you are an elementary school teacher or a homeschool mom, my friends and I have you covered.  Just click on the pictures below to find several different Valentine's Day printables.  The best part is that they are all FREE!  Just a little gift to you from us.

All you need for these fun treat bags is the basic pattern and brown paper lunch bags.  Your students will love making the critters you can see in the picture.  I've even had students make unicorns and other animals before.  So easy peasy for you to prep and your class to enjoy!

Valentine Treat Bags

Here are several more FREE items for you from more of my TpT friends.

Valentine's Day Worksheets

Heart Patterns

CVC Word Work

Valentine Ten Frames Boom Cards

Math Printables 

Candy Heart Graphing

Valentine's Sound Boxes

If you like the products, please take just a moment to give a thank you to each Teachers pay Teachers store by following their store and leaving a short feedback.  We would appreciate it so very much!

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Telling Time to the Hour, Half-Hour, Quarter Hour, and to Five Minutes

Telling Time to the Hour, Half-Hour, Quarter Hour, and to Five Minutes

If you teach second grade, then chances are you are already teaching (or you are about to start teaching) the topic of time in your math segments.  More specifically working on telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, and to five minutes using both an analog clock and a digital clock.

Telling time was one of my favorite subjects to teach.  In fact, I tried to spend just a few minutes telling time each and every day with my daily math spiral.  This small little five minutes of instruction always helped make it so much easier for my students to grasp everything when we got to our big unit.

This unit of telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, and to five minutes includes everything you need to teach time in your classroom.

As you can see, I have tried to include everything that you will need for this unit.

  • Lesson Plans 
  • Anchor Charts
  • Essential Questions
  • Vocabulary
  • Assessments
  • Games (Centers, Small Groups, or Partners)
  • Activities (with Differentiation)
  • Craftivity (Students will make watches)
  • Student Posters 
  • Answer Guides
  • Also included - links for websites
If you are looking for a complete unit for teaching time in your classroom, you can find this unit that covers telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, and to five minutes here (or click on the picture).

If you need more activities for your centers, check out these fun mystery puzzles.  They are perfect for early finishers, morning tubs, math centers, and more!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

February Morning Tubs

February Morning Tubs

There are so many different things happening during the shortest month of the year!  Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History Month, Dental Month... it seems the list goes on and on.  

Although a couple of activities have graphics for some of these special days, the majority of the month have graphics that can be used at any time of the year that your students are ready for them.

Below is a quick overview of all of the activities included in the February Morning Tubs for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

ELA Morning Tubs

Students will choose from eight pictures to list the things in the pictures and what is happening.  The students will then predict what will happen next.

Students will read the riddle, find the matching picture, and then use colored popsicle sticks to build the picture.

 I Spy February Vocabulary Words:
Print a class set and use anytime during the month!  Students will use magnifying glasses to find the hidden words, list them, and then find those words in the word search.

 Variety Parts of Speech:
Students will play the game to build a tower by answering the cards.  The student with the tallest tower wins the game.

Students will place mini-marshmallows to show the prepositions.  The best part?  Eating the marshmallows when finished!

 Writing Silly Sentences:
Students will roll the die to choose cards and then turn their six cards into silly sentences!

Students will read the paragraph to infer the emotions of the students and then draw their facial expressions.

 Alphabetical Order:
Students will write the words in abc order.

Point of View:
Students will write stories from the point of view of something in the picture.

Math Morning Tubs

 Skip Counting Puzzles:
2nd grade:  Numbers to 1,000
3rd Grade:  Numbers to 100,000
4th Grade:  Numbers in the Millions

 Adding/Subracting Odd & Even
2nd Grade:  3-digit 
3rd Grade:  4-digit
4th Grade:  6-digit

 Comparing Numbers:
2nd Grade:  Thousands
3rd Grade:  Ten Thousands
Fourth Grade:  Millions

 Ordering Numbers:
2nd Grade:  3-Digit Numbers
3rd Grade:  5-Digit Numbers
4th Grade:  6-Digit Numbers

 Adding Four Numbers:
2nd and 3rd grades

Multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit Numbers:
4th grade

 Math Fluency:
2nd grade:  Subtracting from 20
3rd and 4th grades:  Multiplication

 Snap Cubes:
Students will play a game to see who will win the winter games snap cubes contest!

Students will spin, find the matching fraction, roll a playdough ball, and smash it.

Geo boards Shapes:
Students will complete task cards on the Geo boards.

Fine Motor Morning Tubs

 Dental Cursive Writing:

  Trace the Pictures:

  Dental Fine Motor Activities:

Critical Thinking Morning Tubs

  Finish the Grid:
Students will follow directions on the task cards to finish the grid.

 Who's the Mystery Person:
A partner game

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Your students will be excited to begin their day with these February Morning Tubs.  Click on the pictures below if you would like to see more about them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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