Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Using Digital Games in the Classroom for Effective Practice

Using digital games in the classroom will help to boost students’ understanding and mastery of a subject.  Using digital games are a win-win for both teachers and students.  

Using digital games in the classroom to reach mastery

The benefits for teachers are that there is very little prepping required.  Just assign to your students via whichever platform you use and watch the magic happen.

It helps to reinforce skills and concepts and is a powerful motivator for students to learn.

The benefits of playing learning-based games for students are numerous:


        Fun and exciting practice (rather than a boring worksheet)

        Fits students' learning styles with hands-on digital games

        Students can complete at their own pace

These activities can be used for:

        Small groups

        Early finishers

        Extension to the lesson






Integrating technology with digital games is so beneficial in the classroom.  It allows all students to be successful as video games are one of the most familiar activity for a student.

Today’s students spend much of their day looking at a screen.  Using digital games to practice concepts and skills of an academic subject is one of the best ways a teacher can meet a student on their terms.

Using educational video games in the classroom is a good way to keep students interested in the subject matter.  Not only are students practicing the concept and skill, but they are also working on memory, problem-solving, and other cognitive aspects.

Implementing digital games into the classroom can transform a boring subject into an exciting lesson.

Digital Activities can transform a classroom.

How to choose digital games for the classroom:

The games you choose for your classroom should:

        Engage students

        Motivate students

        Increase academic skills, thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and even social skills (if working with a partner or group)

        Be directly aligned to the standards

        Be both educational and fun

Try digital activities and games in your own classroom and see how excited and engaged your students become!

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

October Morning Tubs

It's October.

Things have settled in.  

Routines are exactly where they need to be.

Everything is moving like a well-oiled machine.

And, the best news...

They are practicing skills and concepts with hands-on activities with excitement and they are engaged.   YES!  What a win!

Morning tubs are perfect for independent, partners, or small team work.

Here's a closer look at everything included in the October Morning Tubs for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Fun Activities for the Month of October

It's time to get ready for another month of lesson plans with units and activities for the month of October.  Planning for the entire month is a time management tip that can help you get things done and help you out the door in a timely manner each day.

Taking the time one or two days at the end of the month to plan out your entire upcoming month is a great way to stay organized.  While it might mean that you have to stay late at school for a couple of afternoons now, you will be so glad you did as the month rolls on and you are finding that you can actually get out of the door on time most afternoons.  

Keep reading for a roundup of all things October and how to plan for maximum learning and engagement.

First, ask yourself these questions:

1)  What standards and concepts are listed on the curriculum map for October?
2)  What holidays, special days, and school events are taking place during the month?
3)  What activities have I included in past years that were successful that I want to repeat.

Keep all of the answers to these three questions in mind as you plan out your month.

Center Activities:

Centers are such a very important time of day!  Students are engaged and learning while giving you much needed time to work with needs-based groups to meet all of those individual needs.  Using centers are a great strategy to use to make sure that you have the time to work with ALL students and meet ALL their different needs in your classroom.  Keep your centers easy, simple, and fun!

Planning Centers for the entire month using activities to practice as well as review concepts will take care of a lot of your lesson plans.

Concepts and Standards for All Subjects:

After planning your center activities, plan out your core academic subjects.  If your district uses a curriculum map, this should be fairly easy to fill in the days for the month of what subjects, skills, concepts, and standards you will be using.  Keeping a fall theme can help to keep things fun and interesting for your students.

Don't forget to add activities for math fluency in your classroom.  Helping your students become fluent with addition/subtraction or multiplication/division facts just makes teaching all other math concepts so much easier!

All of the "EXTRA" Parts of the Day:

Keep activities ready for students to use immediately upon arrival.  Students will be engaged and excited to come to your classroom each and every morning.  It's a great way to start your day and sets the tone for success for your students.

Having some easy activities at your fingertips for your early finishers will help to keep your classroom moving smoothly during the entire month.  

If you have items for the month of October, collect them together and plug those in.  Make your copies and organize them in a way that works best for you.  

If you are in need of items to fill your monthly lessons, click on the pictures below to see if they will be a good fit for your classroom.  The important thing is to finish your planning and enjoy time outside of the classroom.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Math Minis - An Easy Way to Incorporate Math into Your Activities

What are Math Minis?

Math Minis are a new idea I have for giving your students short activities to help incorporate math into your activities each and every day.

These math minis can be used for practice and assessment as you teach the same concept in your classroom.  They can also be assigned to students who need remediation or just to review a concept.  They are quick and easy for you to add to your lesson plans, assign on Google Classroom (or a compatible program) and go.

Here's a closer look at everything that is included!

What do you think?  Will these work well for you?  I have more coming soon!

I would love to hear what you think and what you need.  Trying to help meet your needs and make teaching easier for you is just...

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Judy Moody was in a Mood - Great Beginning of the School Year Book

Judy Moody was in a mood is my favorite chapter book to use for the beginning of the school year for back to school. 

Boys and girls enjoy it.  The students are engaged and excited to learn more about Judy’s antics.

I have a class set so that students can follow along as I read aloud.  They also have time to read individually and in small groups.  They are able to refer to the book to complete comprehension questions.

This book is great to use at the beginning of the year as it begins with Judy’s dread of going back to school.  

There are so many cool and interesting things that happen in the book. You can easily use this book for an entire month as there are so many things to expand on and learn.

This book lends itself to developing so many fun learning opportunities.  

Included in my TpT unit are:

If you are interested in purchasing this for your own class, click here to grab it for a super low price!

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