Wednesday, June 27, 2018

FREE Scavenger Hunts

How do you learn the best?  

For me, it is certainly not sitting and listening all day long.  That's why I like to put some movement into our homeschooling day.

Whether your children are five or fifteen, there's fun to be had in a scavenger hunt and I have several for you.  The best part?  They are free!

Notice the higher vocabulary on some of these.  Your child is like a sponge.  Take advantage!  Don't minimize vocabulary even at the youngest age.  A rich vocabulary helps to expand your child's brain.  Explain the meaning of the words and use them in everyday conversations.

(Side note - People are absolutely amazed at my little grandson's vocabulary.  It's because we never simplified language just because he was little.  So many people think, "little person, little words".  NO!!!  Use those big words.  They can handle them!)

Use one of these scavenger hunts when you and/or your child is feeling restless or use it when you need a fun break.  Other benefits are exercise and cognitive thinking.  What one person finds as an answer may very well be a different answer from another person.  It's good to discover that more than one answer will work.

Click on picture to download your free copy.

I hope you enjoy these FREE scavenger hunts.  Don't forget to join my FB group, "Fun Learning with Grammy" to see more activities in our homeschool.

That's just, "My Kind of Teaching".

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