Monday, August 26, 2019

Morning Tubs for 2nd and 3rd Grade for September

Morning Tubs in second grade or third grade can be such a fun and stress-free start to your morning routine.  If you missed out on using them in August, that's okay.  September is a great time to get started using them in your classroom! Your students will be excited and engaged with learning each and every morning.

Can you believe the month of August is almost over and September is looming on the horizon?  Whether you have been back in school for a couple of weeks or you are getting ready to return, August always seems to be a stressful month.  Using morning tubs in the classroom helps to begin each morning with a positive vibe in the classroom which helps with that stress.  

When I first started developing these morning tubs, I knew they needed to be easy to implement, use things already found in the classroom, and fast prep.  Each activity is print and laminate with simple lines for cutting.  They can easily be prepped with your feet propped up watching your favorite Netflix show!

Nine Tubs for ELA

There is very little difference in the morning tubs for 2nd and the ones for 3rd for ELA.  
Tub #1 - Antonyms and Synonyms  
Just add clothespins!

 Tub #2 - Noun, Adjective, or Verb?  
Students love poke cards!

Tub #3 - Digraphs  
Just add clothespins!

Tub #4 - Narrative Writing  
Eight interesting pictures will get your students writing.

Tub #5 - Compound Words  
Memory Game 

Tub #6 - Sight Word Game
The words are different for the two grades.  Second grade has sight words for second grade and the third grade tub has sight words for third grade.

Tub #7 - Plural Nouns Sort  

Tub #8 - Sentence Punctuation
Students love having a reason to use play dough!

Tub #9 - Make a List
A fun form of writing!  Students are offered many ideas for making a list.

Nine Tubs for Math

The differences in the two units are evident in the math activities.

 Tub #1 - Make a Pattern (Same for 2nd and 3rd)
There is no specification for uni-fix cubes, so you can add anything you have in your classroom with the colors for students to use to make patterns.

Tub #2 - Build the Shape (Same for 2nd and 3rd)
Magnets can be added to the backs of the popsicle sticks and used on a magnetic surface.

Tub #3 - Roll a Number 

Second graders will roll a three digit number and represent with manipulatives.

Third graders will roll numbers to the thousands place and show the number in different ways.

Tub #4 - Number Puzzles
Students will put the puzzles together by skip counting with different number patterns.  Second graders use three-digit numbers.

Third graders will form puzzles using counting patterns within 10,000.  Adding a magnet to the back of the puzzle strips and a cookie sheet makes for a more engaging activity.

Tub #5 - Missing Numbers 
Students will identify the hidden number from the hundreds charts (second grade).

Third graders will also identify the hidden number for numbers in the thousands.

Tub #6 - Time
Second graders will complete the triangle puzzles for time showing the hour or the half hour.

Third graders will complete the time puzzles for time to five minutes.

 Tub #7 - Inverse Operations
Second graders will play a memory matching game for the inverse operation of addition and subtraction.

Third graders will complete the same activity with the inverse operations of multiplication and division.

Tub #8 - Complete a Calendar (Same for 2nd and 3rd)
Students will complete a calendar for the current month and answer the questions.

Tub #9 - Domino Fun
Second graders will play a game to practice doubles facts using dominoes.

Third graders will play a game to practice multiplication facts of a number multiplied by itself.

Four Tubs for Fine Motor

Even second and third graders need fine motor practice to hone those skills.  These activities will help.

Three Tubs for Critical Thinking

 Students will complete the activity by matching the picture on all sides.

Second graders will complete the place value logic activities with numbers in the hundreds. 

For third graders, the numbers are in the thousands.

Students will solve the riddles using the key cards.

I hope seeing these pictures help show you that there can be a place for these in second and third grade.  Morning Tubs is certainly not an idea that is only for the smallest learners.

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I hope you enjoyed this look into my September Morning Tubs.  Fun and learning go hand-in-hand in my book.  That's just...
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