Saturday, August 31, 2019

Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency Games

Maybe you are just finishing up the first month of school or maybe you have those first day of school butterflies still hanging around as it’s almost time to begin a new year.  Both are exciting times.  I always love and look forward to the beginning of fall, especially when a new school year is all settled in.

Rules and procedures are implemented, and the days are going smoothly.  Cool crisp mornings, thoughts of apples, pumpkins, falling leaves, bonfires, and hayrides are the excitement in the air.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year in and out of the classroom.

The “testing season” isn’t upon us yet, and we can really dig our feet in to learning.  I especially love using games in the classroom.  As students practice fluency facts for addition and subtraction or multiplication and division, the more ways I can make it fun, the more my students love it.  I’ve always been of the philosophy that if it’s called a “game”, suddenly, the students are all about it!

First, second, and third graders all need practice with addition and subtraction fluency.  These games will help boost those skills.

I’ve made these games with both a Halloween theme and an autumn theme.  The games are exactly the same.  The only things that change are the clip art.  I have a set of these same games for five games of addition and five games of subtraction for students working on fluency facts to 20.  I also have the same games for multiplication and division facts 0-12.  Laminate all of the games for durability before using.

Four different boards can be used to play tic-tac-toe.  Students can use dry-erase markers or small manipulatives to cover the squares.

My students love this game!  This games can be played with 2-4 players.  The object of the game is to be the first to build a complete scarecrow by adding two numbers correctly and then spinning for a piece of the scarecrow.

Students will move around the game board as they answer subtraction problems.

 For this game, each student will use a different color of marker.  As the students answer the subtraction problems, they will then cover the leaves with the same number.  The student with the most leaves covered is the winner.

Who doesn't love a simple game of memory?  Students will play a memory game to find the matching equation and differences.

Two game boards included for two players to play against each other, or this game can be played to see which dice wins.  Roll, solve, cover.

 My students love playing BUMP all year long!!

 Students will race to solve the addition problems and escape from the spider's web.

Students will spin the two spinners, solve the addition problem, and make a line between two dots.  When a square has been made, the student will add his/her initials. The winner is the person with the most boxes at the end of the game.

Students will take turns drawing an addition problem and solving.  If a "Rotten Apple" card is drawn, the student must return his/her apples.  The person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Add games to your classroom for centers, early finishers, indoor recess (I hope you don’t have too many of those in the fall), remediation, enrichment, or more.  Your students will be engaged and love learning.

Click on the pictures below to see these games in my TpT store.

Fall Addition and Subtraction

Halloween Multiplication and Division

Fall Multiplication and Division

Fun and games, that’s just…

My Kind of Teaching.

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