Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Morning Tubs - Setting the Daily Tone for Success in August!

Not only do morning tubs help set the tone for the day, but they get students excited about coming to school each and every day.  Who wouldn’t LOVE beginning the day with some play?  Students enjoy playing the activities so much, that they don’t even realize that they are actually practicing needed skills to be successful in school.

Before I even show you more, I'm going to stop and offer you a mini-unit with SEVEN activities for FREE!  I'm just THAT sure you are going to fall in LOVE with these!!

Okay, now that you've grabbed your FREE one to get you started, let's continue on!

As many of you know, I recently retired after THIRTY years of teaching.  During the past year, I was blessed to continue my teaching journey in my own home as I homeschooled my grandson for kindergarten.

In doing so, it brought back memories and love for my sixteen years of teaching kindergarten at the beginning of my career.  I just LOVE hands on teaching, don't you?  Even when I taught second and fourth grades, I tried to incorporate that as much as possible.

So, I decided that second graders would also enjoy morning tubs like we have this past year.  (And coming soon, morning tubs for third and fourth grades!)

**Edited 8/6/19 - Click here to see August Morning Tubs for Third Grade.**

As I designed these activities, the prevailing thought was critical practice of second grade skills, but with those same fun hands-on activities that children enjoy in pre-k and kindergarten.  After all, children of all ages enjoy play!  
Keep reading to see all the activities included!

Nine ELA Activities

Sight Word Game

Short Vowel Words

Narrative Writing

Alphabetical Order

Noun Sort


Short Vowels Puzzles

Capitalization & Punctuation


Nine Math Activities

Show Numbers to 100 in Multiple Ways

True or False Math Comparisons

Addition to 20 Fact Fluency

Adding and Subtracting 1 or 10


Time to the Hour and Half-Hour

Nonstandard Measurement


Numbers within 1,000 puzzles

Fine Motor and Critical Thinking Activities


Trace the Shapes

Trace the Lines


Following Directions

These activities are perfect for beginning the school year and will appeal to a wide variety of learners.  

They can be used in a variety of ways.
Place the activities in tubs that can easily be set out each morning to begin the day in a purposeful and meaningful form of learning and play.
Set up the activities in a permanent location for the week or month for students to use during free time, as early finishers, or as centers.
Make multiple copies of the activities if desired so that each student or group has a copy.

If you are looking for a new way of starting your day and adding some fun and play to your morning routine, these morning tubs might just be right for you. 

See September Morning Tubs for 2nd and 3rd Grade Here. 

Fun, learning, and excitement.  That's just...

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