Monday, June 1, 2020

Skip Counting Puzzles for Hands-on Learning

What is your style of teaching in your classroom?

If it's using hands-on activities, then you will love these puzzles!

These skip counting puzzles are such a hit in my Morning Tubs.  I have had so many teachers tell me that their students absolutely love using them!

These skip counting puzzles make a great add on to your morning tubs for anytime of the year.   You can find them with a spring or summer theme (and soon in a fall and winter theme).

Included are twenty beautiful photos.  There are five different levels.

These all include the same pictures making it easy to differentiate within the classroom.  Using the same pictures allows students to work at their level without embarrassment.

Print the pictures on cardstock, laminate, and cut on the lines.  Store in individual ziplock bags or mix them all together to add rigor.

A favorite activity is to add a small magnet on the back of each strip.  Students can put the puzzles together on a small cookie sheet, a magnetic board, the side of a file cabinet, or any other magnetic surface.

These can be printed full page or they work great printing two to a page also.

In fact, you can use this printing trick for any page that you would like to print smaller which saves both paper and ink.

Keeping the fun in the classroom with hands-on learning, and printing tips for the teacher is just...

My Kind of Teaching!

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