Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two For Tuesday and a Bonus!

It's another day of Summer Blogging!


Today is Two For Tuesday (or as we say in the South... Twofer... yep, it becomes one word with a southern drawl!)  ;-)

The two products you can find for 50% off in my store today are.... (drum roll please)

4th Grade Math Bundle - Get all 4 units for only $11!!!

And for my 2nd grade friends - 2nd Grade Math Bundle - Get all 4 units for only $11!!!

Here is my bonus item!
I made this calendar for my principal.  It matches her office.  I had so many people commenting on it wanting one, that I made it into an EDITABLE format with lots of "how-to" info to help you complete your own.  I just sent my files on-line to a local store to print and bind for me.  I was so very excited and pleased with the results. It will remain 50% off until tonight.  ONLY $3!!!!

Do you follow me on Facebook?  You really should, you know.  I'm not always so great about blogging, but I can actually manage Facebook... haha.  All of my products are also 50% off for the first 48 hours.  I have flash freebies, and even limited $1 sales.  These are all posted on facebook, so be sure that you "LIKE" my page, and then click on the actual like button again and check "GET NOTIFICATIONS" or you will not see my posts.

Have a great Tuesday!  


  1. Your calendar is fantastic, each time I look at it I think, I really need that. My teammate would love it, might need to surprise her! You picked great twofer items too!

  2. Your Grade 4 Math Bundle is downloading as we speak. It looks great! Thanks for the sale!
    Grade 4 Buzz