Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Meet-Up Summer Blogging!

Hi Y'all!

It's time to kick off summer blogging!

We've got a whole summer blogging series going on over at The Teaching Tribune to make your life fun and easy during these summer months, so come on over and join in on the fun!  Mondays-Friday each have a different theme, so be sure to check them all out!

Today is Monday Meet-up to learn more about one of my bloggy friends, Cyndie.

Now, Cyndie and I have never met in real-life, but let me tell you, we chat almost everyday.  I sometimes think I'm closer to her than the friends I do see face-to-face!

You can find Cyndie blogging over at Chalk One Up For the Teacher.  She also has an AWESOME store of the same name on TPT.

Today is the day, find a bloggy friend to join in with you and join the fun.  Let's meet some more friends.  Just grab the blank picture to fill in over at The Teaching Tribune.  Hope to meet you there!

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  1. I love Cindy's (and yours too Cynthia) blog and TpT products! I am loving this linky! It is so funny to read what everyone is writing for the last statement about other careers. Head designer of greeting cards....hahaha - that's cute! I'm also linked up today so feel free to stop by an meet my friend, Ashley Reed!
    More Than Math by Mo