Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Using Digital Games in the Classroom for Effective Practice

Using digital games in the classroom will help to boost students’ understanding and mastery of a subject.  Using digital games are a win-win for both teachers and students.  

Using digital games in the classroom to reach mastery

The benefits for teachers are that there is very little prepping required.  Just assign to your students via whichever platform you use and watch the magic happen.

It helps to reinforce skills and concepts and is a powerful motivator for students to learn.

The benefits of playing learning-based games for students are numerous:


        Fun and exciting practice (rather than a boring worksheet)

        Fits students' learning styles with hands-on digital games

        Students can complete at their own pace

These activities can be used for:

        Small groups

        Early finishers

        Extension to the lesson






Integrating technology with digital games is so beneficial in the classroom.  It allows all students to be successful as video games are one of the most familiar activity for a student.

Today’s students spend much of their day looking at a screen.  Using digital games to practice concepts and skills of an academic subject is one of the best ways a teacher can meet a student on their terms.

Using educational video games in the classroom is a good way to keep students interested in the subject matter.  Not only are students practicing the concept and skill, but they are also working on memory, problem-solving, and other cognitive aspects.

Implementing digital games into the classroom can transform a boring subject into an exciting lesson.

Digital Activities can transform a classroom.

How to choose digital games for the classroom:

The games you choose for your classroom should:

        Engage students

        Motivate students

        Increase academic skills, thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and even social skills (if working with a partner or group)

        Be directly aligned to the standards

        Be both educational and fun

Try digital activities and games in your own classroom and see how excited and engaged your students become!

Keeping the learning real, fun, exciting, and engaging.  That's just...


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