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February Morning Tubs

February Morning Tubs

There are so many different things happening during the shortest month of the year!  Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History Month, Dental Month... it seems the list goes on and on.  

Although a couple of activities have graphics for some of these special days, the majority of the month have graphics that can be used at any time of the year that your students are ready for them.

Below is a quick overview of all of the activities included in the February Morning Tubs for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

ELA Morning Tubs

Students will choose from eight pictures to list the things in the pictures and what is happening.  The students will then predict what will happen next.

Students will read the riddle, find the matching picture, and then use colored popsicle sticks to build the picture.

 I Spy February Vocabulary Words:
Print a class set and use anytime during the month!  Students will use magnifying glasses to find the hidden words, list them, and then find those words in the word search.

 Variety Parts of Speech:
Students will play the game to build a tower by answering the cards.  The student with the tallest tower wins the game.

Students will place mini-marshmallows to show the prepositions.  The best part?  Eating the marshmallows when finished!

 Writing Silly Sentences:
Students will roll the die to choose cards and then turn their six cards into silly sentences!

Students will read the paragraph to infer the emotions of the students and then draw their facial expressions.

 Alphabetical Order:
Students will write the words in abc order.

Point of View:
Students will write stories from the point of view of something in the picture.

Math Morning Tubs

 Skip Counting Puzzles:
2nd grade:  Numbers to 1,000
3rd Grade:  Numbers to 100,000
4th Grade:  Numbers in the Millions

 Adding/Subracting Odd & Even
2nd Grade:  3-digit 
3rd Grade:  4-digit
4th Grade:  6-digit

 Comparing Numbers:
2nd Grade:  Thousands
3rd Grade:  Ten Thousands
Fourth Grade:  Millions

 Ordering Numbers:
2nd Grade:  3-Digit Numbers
3rd Grade:  5-Digit Numbers
4th Grade:  6-Digit Numbers

 Adding Four Numbers:
2nd and 3rd grades

Multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit Numbers:
4th grade

 Math Fluency:
2nd grade:  Subtracting from 20
3rd and 4th grades:  Multiplication

 Snap Cubes:
Students will play a game to see who will win the winter games snap cubes contest!

Students will spin, find the matching fraction, roll a playdough ball, and smash it.

Geo boards Shapes:
Students will complete task cards on the Geo boards.

Fine Motor Morning Tubs

 Dental Cursive Writing:

  Trace the Pictures:

  Dental Fine Motor Activities:

Critical Thinking Morning Tubs

  Finish the Grid:
Students will follow directions on the task cards to finish the grid.

 Who's the Mystery Person:
A partner game

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Your students will be excited to begin their day with these February Morning Tubs.  Click on the pictures below if you would like to see more about them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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