Monday, September 16, 2019

Take the DREAD out of Missing a Day of Teaching!

Being out of school... 

It's one of teacher's worst nightmares.  Teachers will drag themselves out of bed and force one foot in front of the other just to go to work.  Why?  Because being out of work causes so MUCH work and preparation, that it's just easier to go, fever and all.

What if being out of work could become so easy, that it would literally take you just a few minutes to prep for an entire day (or two or three)?  I can help make that happen for you!

These Sub Plans are so fun and engaging that your students will continue practicing important grade level skills without sacrificing learning.

The best part for you?  They are NO PREP!  Just have a class set prepared and in an "Emergency Sub Plan" folder prepared and ready to go.  There's nothing for you to do on the day when an emergency happens and you just can't put one foot in front of the other to make it in.

What comes in each set of sub plans?

 I love making these sub plans of high interest to the students so that they really enjoy these activities and they are not just "busy work".  Each thematic sub plan includes two paired passages written by me.  One is fiction and the other is non-fiction.  These can be used over multiple days or just use one and let the students anticipate the other on another sub day!

 Each sub plan also includes language arts activities to keep students practicing on important grammar skills when you are absent.

 In addition, there are at least two writing activities for students to use.  Each set of plans has different types of writing opportunities.

 There are five math activities that are specific to the grade level and include a variety of math concepts.  Answer guides are included for the sub to check the students' work.

Here is a closer look of some of the third grade math concepts.

I've also included a few fun extra activities to use if there is some extra time that needs filled during the day or if you need activities for early finishers.

To make it even easier on you, there are four pages of editable instruction pages in each sub unit.  Simply type in your instructions and have ready to go, or send it in an email to your teacher bestie in an emergency!

One of my favorite things about these sub plans is that they are built around highly engaging themes that students might not have been exposed to previously.  For third grade students can learn how to make homemade ice cream, Komodo dragons, real pirates, and the groovy sixties!  Fourth graders can learn about construction, the history of kites, the history of movies, and weird weather.

I admit, I didn't wait until a day that I was absent to use these.  I used all of these with my fourth grade students as fun thematic themes when we needed a couple of days of something different.  They were all a huge hit!

You can see all of the sub units by clicking here.

So, while I hope that you don't have any major reasons to be absent this school year, we all know that it happens.  At least, I can make it as painless as possible so that you don't have to worry about your classroom and can instead focus on yourself. 

Taking care of yourself is important.  Making your life a little easier is just...

My Kind of Teaching

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