Sunday, August 7, 2016

Flexible Seating Classroom Reveal

In my last blog post, I talked about how I completely changed my traditional classroom to a Flexible Seating classroom on a BUDGET.  If you are just starting you will want to read it here.

Today, I have my classroom reveal to share with you.  I hope you are as excited as I am!  

My 4th grade classroom is 25' x 27'.   This is the smallest classroom I have ever taught in, yet I think it looks and feels the most spacious!  

I have 26 students and 29 actual seating options plus other options.  (Hard to believe from this picture, right?)  I'll count them for you as we go along.

Here is the view from my door.   I built upon the bright pink, green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow that I already had in my classroom.
These are standard pillows with bright pink pillowcases for low seating.  (Seats #1-4) 
 Looking from the front of the room to the back where you can see my classroom library which extends behind my door. 
 Here is a closer look at the black leather gaming chair next to my classroom library.  (seat #5)
 I found these bright stools just a couple of days before school started and added them to my computer area. 
 These stools are not part of the daily flex options.
 Looking from our meeting rug to the back of the room.  These are the cubbies for my students to keep their supplies.
 My teacher stuff is located behind my small group table.  I got rid of my teacher desk four years ago when I moved to this smaller room.  I have a small desk for my computer.  I have three pink and green stools for flex seating.  These are very sturdy with storage inside.  I found these on an online yard sale during pre-planning!  (SCORE!!)  (seats #6, 7, 8)
 This purple basket was given to me.  It is perfect for our pillows to use for "extra" flex seating.  Students can choose this option along with a blanket or a towel.  I have used these for many years.

 I brought two of my camping chairs from home along with a small table I purchased from a friend.  I have had the lamp for several years in my classroom.  The fuzzy, purple picture frame was one my daughter left when she got married and moved out.  I will take a class picture and add it.  Two clipboards in a basket I already had, finishes off this cozy little area for two.  (seats #9 & #10)

 Looking from the front corner of my rug to the back of the room.  I purchased this plastic treasure chest a few years ago at Walmart.  It contains our blankets and towels for extra flex seating.

 My principal is extremely supportive and as excited about this change as I am.  She purchased these two wiggle stools from Amazon for me.  They work great with this small table I already had in my classroom.  (Seats #11 & #12)

 I was super excited to find this great leather loveseat!  I added two pillows from home and this rug that was rolled up in my closet for another cozy seating area.  
(Seats #13 & #14)
 These two comfy chairs finish out the livingroom corner.  The table was another leftover from my daughter and the lamp was one previously in my room.  (Seats #15 & #16)

The inspirational posters that can be seen all over the room can be found here in my TPT store.  There are 100 in the pack.  I also hang a different one outside my door each morning.  Other students stop to read them and thank me for posting.
The front corner of my meeting rug.  I have had this rocker for about ten years.  I also already had the lamp, bookshelf, and floor pillows.  The scoop rockers can be seen next to the bookshelf.  Desk trays can be used by the students who want to sit on one of the floor pillows as extra flex.  I purchased the beanbag chair from Amazon.  (seat #17)

 A closer view of items that students can grab and go.  Our science, social studies, and language arts textbooks are also on the shelf to pull out as needed.
 These scoop chairs are a big favorite and super cheap at Walmart! (Seats #18 & #19)
 Desk trays from Hobby Lobby are used with
 these large floor cushions my mom sewed several years ago for extra flex seating.
 The view from the back corner of my room.  Having the rug in the middle of the room, really helps give the illusion that my room is super spacious, when it really isn't.
 My principal purchased two stability balls which will go here.  Unfortunately, they are on back order for about another month.  These crates and chair cushions were at my house and became emergency plan B.  I just turned the crates upside down, and tied the cushions on them.  They are working out so well, that I will move them to the small group table with the green and pink cubes when no longer needed here. That will also increase to 31 seating options! (Seats #20 & #21)
 Another great castoff of my daughter was this lamp which gives much needed light in this back corner.  During the school day, my overhead fluorescent lights are usually off and we only use lamps and natural lights from the window.  The book shelf is on wheels so is easily moved when I need in the closet.  This bungee chair was a great yardsale find and is a favorite of my students!  (Seat #22)

This gaming chair found a nook under the backpacks.  During the day, it can easily be scooted out just a bit from the wall.  Don't be afraid to use every available space in your classroom! Students are loving this cozy nook to work independently.  (Seat #23)
Here is thhe ONLY traditional table and chairs in my classroom.  I really felt that I needed to keep one of my six tables, but the kiddos complain if it is their turn to sit here, and really, who can blame them with all of these other great options? (Seats #24-27)

Another view of my classroom looking from the computer table.
 The last two flex seating options have also been favorites.  I had a friend who was taking these two stools to the recycle store and gave them to me for FREE!  (whoo-hoo!!)  I placed these at each end of the cubbies where the taller height worked perfectly.  They also swivel allowing students that need it, that extra movement.  (Seats #28 & #29)
Pulling the cubbies away from the wall, allows students an extra option of flexibility.  Students who need to stand can do so here.

The students each have a book bin for their reading books and workbook along with their notebooks.  

One last view.  I am absolutely LOVING my new flexible seating classroom!  I look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts and/or questions about flexible seating.

Coming Soon - How to begin teaching your students about flexible seating and the management of your day.

Have a GREAT one!


  1. This is great! I'm considering flexible seating. However, I'm not sure about implementation, especially if students all want the same spot. I look forward to reading your posts on this!


  2. Looks great! I started flexible seating last year and absolutely love it!

    Luv My Kinders

  3. Wow, you've been super creative in offering so many choices - your students must love this!

  4. WOW. Better late than never. Great job with all of your ideas. I'm starting fs this 2017-18 school year. I teach 4th also, so your room was an ideal one to view. Thanks!