Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Year, New Look... (Hopefully) New Attitude?

Hi Friends

I have a confession to make.  It's one you are very aware of, but isn't admitting something the first step to overcoming the problem?

I hope this is true.

You see, I suck at blogging.

In fact, I am probably in the running for the World's WORST Blogger Award.  

No joke!!

I want to have profound words of wisdom to share with you.  You would think that after teaching 27 years and seeing education go from here to there and everywhere in between that I would have at least a few nuggets to share with you.

Maybe, I'm just tired.

Tired of working, working, working.

Now mind you, I don't mind the TEACHING at all.  I truly believe that teaching, like preaching, is a calling.  I have felt it with ever fiber of my being since I was 5-years old.  

Yes, even then, I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Like many of you that I talk with, teaching has become so overwhelming.  It's no longer about doing what's best for the student.  It's no longer using best practices.  

No, it's become a circus of sorts.  A dog and pony show.  Jumping through the hoops.  Swinging from one trapeze to the next and hoping not to fall.  Hoping that if you do fall, that there's a net to catch you.  But there probably isn't.

So, between the meetings, meetings, MEETINGS  (honestly, I have a 3-ring binder titled just that), new teacher observations that treat everyone like a brand-new teacher.  What is a teacher supposed to do?

Get an Attitude Change, of course!!

I hope that has happened to me.  It started almost a month ago, and so far it is sticking.

My words of profound wisdom for you is this...
Sometimes it is impossible to change what is happening around you and even TO you.  If you can't change anything about your job, there is one thing you CAN change... 


I decided, most of the things that have gotten me down this school year are truly beyond my control.  However, I was letting it bleed over into my home life as well.  It was draining the joy out of spending time with my family, of taking time for me, of enjoying LIFE!!

So, I made an attitude adjustment. 

While I'm at school, I'm giving it everything I have... 200% or more.  I'm smiling at my students.  I'm enjoying spending time with them and teaching them.  I'm enjoying saying prayer with my co-workers each morning before our day begins.  (That one makes my day go MUCH smoother.)

I decided to take back an attitude of gratefulness, happiness, counting my blessings for the opportunity to answer my life calling.

Like a duck in the rain, I'm letting everything else just run off my back.

I do what I can while getting to school at the expected time rather than 45 minutes early.  I'm leaving on the dot, NO MATTER WHAT instead of staying an extra hour or two.

And you know what?  I feel better.  I'm laughing and enjoying time with my grandson, my husband, my mom, my daughters and most importantly, myself.

In honor of all of this.  I decided I needed a more sophisticated blog.  As always, my friend Christi worked her magic putting it together and my friend, Laine designed the clip art just for me.

It's time.  It's a New Year.  A New Look.  And, most importantly, a New Attitude.

Most of all, I think my students are benefiting.



  1. Cynthia - I love this post because it hits so close to home. I feel the exact same way. School has been consuming my life, and I am trying to reclaim "me". Love your new look and attitude :-)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I've been staying later and later this year, but it doesn't seem to be having a positive effect. Time to leave on time!

  3. I also can relate to this post! I haven't written a new blog post since this past summer! I also keep thinking that I should have some profound advice or information to give to my readers (I've been teaching for over 20 years) but when I sit down, I can't think of a single thing! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!