Saturday, August 9, 2014

Loving and Inspiring for the 27th year...

Hi Y'all!!!

I'm back in school already.  Can you believe it?
I have had THE. MOST. AWESOME. WEEK!!!
I don't *think* I am jinxing myself by saying that!  haha

I've been making some posters to share with my classes to inspire them and begin their day off on the right foot.  I was really thinking about how the students are already REALLY inspiring ME to be the BEST I can be.

I mean, really, stop and think about it.  What other profession can you think of where you have 20, 30, (or in my case 75 because we departmentalize) people who cheer you on each day?

Kids don't look at us and think "She is skinny, beautiful, looks like a movie star, etc".  No, our students look at us with love, admiration, and respect when we treat them with love, admiration, and respect.  I would love to be skinny, young and beautiful, but that's just not going to happen.  However, when my student's leave my room giving me fist bumps and telling me, "I LOVE your class!"  "Math is so much fun!"  "I can't wait to come back tomorrow!"  I feel 6 feet tall, my face beams with joy, and I feel energized like I'm 25 again.

Isn't it WONDERFUL to have people that feel that way about you?  Isn't it only right, that in return, I give them everything I can?  After all, I want them to feel that way about me and my class for the next 175 days! (and forever!)  :-)

I have a former student that was in my kindergarten class (my 3rd year of teaching when I WAS skinny and young... HA).  She still visits me during every single year of Meet the Teacher Day, 24 years later.  Knowing that I made enough impact on her 5-year old little self is so inspiring to me.   I only see her that one time a year, but she brings me so much joy and sets such a good tone for the beginning of my year for me to remember, that I can and DO make a difference in my students' lives.

I am SOOOOOOOOOO blessed to do what I love to do.  I need to remember every day that when I go to school this year, no matter how tired I become or anything else that gets in the way, that God gave me a calling and a purpose in life.


There are 75 students out there whose life I can touch.  

Who I can inspire.

Who I can love and show God's love just by loving them.

There are 75 students out there who MATTER.

I want to be a light to them.

I want to inspire them.

And in return?

Well, I get to feel beautiful, skinny, young, awesome and LOVED through their eyes.

The eyes of a child. 

Our most IMPORTANT contribution to the future!

What you do MATTERS!


Go and inspire your students this year.  :-)

Feel free to right click on these posters to save and print for your classroom.  If you would like all 100 of them, you can click here to find them in my store.

Trying to love and inspire my students for the 27th year of teaching, well,
that's just...

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