Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Windshield or the Bug?

I know I need to post something.  Afterall, it's been TWO.WHOLE.WEEKS!!!  ...

Two weeks that have flown by with fun, family time, exhaustion, and much more.  It just seems I haven't had the time, desire or heart to put anything into writing.

I will say this... I worried all summer about my move to a new grade.  After all, this is my 25th year of teaching and I'm no spring chicken.  I also remembered this group from 2nd grade.  Overall, they were the worst collective group EVER and I had the worse student I had ever taught in all those years.  Thankfully, the students have matured and I don't have that student even though he is still causing major issues for the other teachers.  Let me just say in the first 2 weeks he was suspended and the police officer has had to come to the classroom a couple of times to escort him.  Yep, I would say I lucked up not having to deal with that another year.

With all of that being said.  I am finding that I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING 4th grade.  They made a choice to departmentalize this year, so just teaching math and reading is probably a huge part of making me love it so much.

I had a friend who shared a cute saying the other day... one that I had never heard before.

Friday, I mostly felt like the windshield, but then @3:30, our world changed and I think every teacher at our school became the bug...  Our principal dropped the bombshell on us that she had turned her resignation in effective as of midnight.  We had had no prior INKLING that this was about to happen!  Twenty-one days into the school year.  She was one the most positive and inspiring principals I had ever had the pleasure to work for.  It's going to be SOOOOO hard to go in tomorrow and hold our heads high and do what must be done.

But we will, because we are professionals.  AND, mostly, because we are there not for her, but because we love our students...  The REAL reason I became a teacher in the first place.

I hope that this week, you are the windshield and not the bug.  I know that's what I intend to be, because, well... 

That's just


  1. I'm running about 50/50 on bug/windshield days! Thanks for making me laugh! So sad about your principal. Always hard to lose the one who is steering the ship!

  2. I feel for you Cynthia. We got a new principal and a new vice-principal this year. Not only that, our secretary retired on Friday. We will have a replacement secretary for the next few days until the position is filled. Talk about adding lots of change to a new school year! But, as you said, we are professionals. We will make it work!
    I am glad your class is working out for you. I hear you about having difficult students again. I am getting some siblings of difficult students who have their own set of challenges. I will be relying on all of my creativity and resources for this group, but I am still excited to be meeting them tomorrow.
    I hope you have many windshield days!

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury