Saturday, June 29, 2013

End of June sale

Summer is here and June is almost gone (sad, sad, SAD face!)

Are you in an area that is sweltering or in an area like me where you think it might just be time to start building an ark??  

We get rain almost EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!

At least once, sometimes more.

We've not even gotten into the pool yet because the rain water is keeping it COLD!

(another major sad face!)

The good news is, all this rain has kept me in and busy working on my TPT units.

I have actually made SEVENTEEN new ones!!

Nineteen if you count the two I am hoping to post today.

TWENTY if I get finished with another to post tomorrow.


That really excites me!

A LOT!!!

I've done a mixture of items for my new 4th grade classroom...

 Start off on the Right Foot with lots of fun printables.  

 It doesn't get much easier for YOU than this Easy-Peasy Prep Math Centers. 

 If you are like me, you have a set amount of copies that you can use monthly.  This August Daily Math Spiral Review uses NO worksheets!!! It is also aligned to the big 5 Common Core Standards...DAILY.

 This is a fun game, that my students NEVER tired of, so I revamped it for my 4th graders.
And the Winner is...  it always changes.  That's what makes it so fun.
 Have trouble making sure you are covering all of the standards?  My mini-question task cards will help make sure you are staying on track.  Check out this FREEBIE when you tell your students 
 I think this will be such a great way to keep questions based on the standards at my fingertips, that I am doing a whole series on I Mustache You a Question.  This one covers all 4th grade Common Core Reading Literary and Information Text standards.
 I've got my first couple of weeks for math activities all planned out with this Place Value in 4th Grade for the Common Core Classroom.  I've already been warned by the teachers that our math series does not cover the CCSS very well and I will need to supplement.  Well, that suits me just fine!!  lol
All of the place value games are included in the big unit, but you can still take a look to see what they're about!  Follow the Clues will help your students with some Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Well, that's an overview of the 4th grade units.  I know they're heavy on the math, but I will be teaching 2 math groups.  One of the highest and one of the lowest, so my unit includes lots of differentiation...I'm going to need it!!

I've got the equivalent of most of these at the 2nd Grade unit, as well as some editable calendars and newsletters.  Just go see my MOST RECENT units to see all that I've posted this month and grab them all for HALF-PRICE this weekend only!

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