Saturday, June 29, 2013

End of June sale

Summer is here and June is almost gone (sad, sad, SAD face!)

Are you in an area that is sweltering or in an area like me where you think it might just be time to start building an ark??  

We get rain almost EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!

At least once, sometimes more.

We've not even gotten into the pool yet because the rain water is keeping it COLD!

(another major sad face!)

The good news is, all this rain has kept me in and busy working on my TPT units.

I have actually made SEVENTEEN new ones!!

Nineteen if you count the two I am hoping to post today.

TWENTY if I get finished with another to post tomorrow.


That really excites me!

A LOT!!!

I've done a mixture of items for my new 4th grade classroom...

 Start off on the Right Foot with lots of fun printables.  

 It doesn't get much easier for YOU than this Easy-Peasy Prep Math Centers. 

 If you are like me, you have a set amount of copies that you can use monthly.  This August Daily Math Spiral Review uses NO worksheets!!! It is also aligned to the big 5 Common Core Standards...DAILY.

 This is a fun game, that my students NEVER tired of, so I revamped it for my 4th graders.
And the Winner is...  it always changes.  That's what makes it so fun.
 Have trouble making sure you are covering all of the standards?  My mini-question task cards will help make sure you are staying on track.  Check out this FREEBIE when you tell your students 
 I think this will be such a great way to keep questions based on the standards at my fingertips, that I am doing a whole series on I Mustache You a Question.  This one covers all 4th grade Common Core Reading Literary and Information Text standards.
 I've got my first couple of weeks for math activities all planned out with this Place Value in 4th Grade for the Common Core Classroom.  I've already been warned by the teachers that our math series does not cover the CCSS very well and I will need to supplement.  Well, that suits me just fine!!  lol
All of the place value games are included in the big unit, but you can still take a look to see what they're about!  Follow the Clues will help your students with some Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Well, that's an overview of the 4th grade units.  I know they're heavy on the math, but I will be teaching 2 math groups.  One of the highest and one of the lowest, so my unit includes lots of differentiation...I'm going to need it!!

I've got the equivalent of most of these at the 2nd Grade unit, as well as some editable calendars and newsletters.  Just go see my MOST RECENT units to see all that I've posted this month and grab them all for HALF-PRICE this weekend only!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Room Theme Linky

Have you started thinking about your classroom theme for next year?  Last year my theme was all froggy, but this year, since I'm moving up to 4th I wanted to do something different.

I haven't been able to settle on a theme, but I'm really liking just adding to my bright colors.

 These are lots of plastics I got from the Family Dollar.  I just LOVED the ROCK picture and since it had my colors I couldn't resist!

At only $1.50 each, I thought these would work great for my students book bins...

These are some of the items I got from Dollar General.

 And the rest of the things from Dollar General.  The coat hangers (10 for $1) will be used for the extra backpacks since there are not enough storage hooks.  The food containers were super cheap and in my colors.  I'm SURE I can find something to put in them!!

 I went by my new classroom this week and did my bulletin boards.

 I'm loving the bright colors so far....

Well, that's how my classroom is shaping up so far.  Stop back by in about 5 weeks (yep, that's all I've got left for the summer) and see what the finished product is going to look like.

In the meantime, you can find all of my classroom decor units here.

For more ideas and inspiration, stop by my bloggy friend's first linky party! 

You could also win one of her great room themes.  She has FABULOUS one...don't miss out on your chance to win!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five For Friday

I'm linking up!


Do you have trouble deciding what to blog about during the summer?  I certainly do, especially when these days are just FLYING by.

Here's a little of what I've been up to...

I joined with some of my favorite bloggers to offer a facebook freebie hop.  I'm sorry if you missed it.  Be sure to like my facebook page so you'll know when we do the next one.  It was a HUGE hit and had some great products that were free especially for the hop.  If you missed my freebie, you can still purchase it here.  If you want to learn how to offer your own freebie or hop, you can read my friend Christi's tutorial.

 I'm feeling the need BAD to get my brand new 4th grade classroom ready.  (I'm the new ADDITIONAL room, so there's NOTHING in it!!)  I'm focusing on four bright colors...lime green, bright blue, hot pink, and bright purple.  I lucked out at the local Family Dollar store.  These are all the plastics I got.  How lucky am I that the colors I have chosen are the popular ones for this year!  

 I also made a stop at Dollar General.  These are only a few of the items I purchased.  (Have you ever considered food storage items?  They are CHEAP and had lids that are my colors!  I'm SURE I'll find something to store in them!!!)

I was also super excited about my first unit for 4th grade, I've finished up for my TPT store.  This is the unit I will begin with my kiddos when we return to school in August.  It's been selling like hotcakes already!  YEAH!  If you have not become a follower of my store, you'll want to do so as I have lots more of these units in the works!

 And the last part of my week (but the MOST important) is spending time with my very first grandchild, Luke.  Can't believe he is already 3 weeks old today!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cades Cove, Editables, and a Facebook FREEBIE Hop

I've had two weeks off for summer already and it is FLYING by.  Seriously, where is the time going?

I am having so much fun having a baby in the house!  It is so true that having a grandchild is GRAND.  I get to do all the loving things and still get a full night's sleep!  (haha)

Yesterday, to celebrate Father's Day, the family loaded up to go for a day trip to one of our favorite places... Cades Cove in the Smokey Nat'l Park.  

 If you ever get the chance to go, you should definitely do it.  It is so beautiful and serene!  We saw several bears and their cubs, turkeys, and deer.  In the past we've also seen red wolves (they've since been removed from the park), coyotes, skunks, and racoons.  There are several old houses and churches along with lots of hiking trails.  Be sure to pack lots of food and drinks.  You will want to spend all day there driving the 11 mile one way loop!

Besides cuddling with Baby Luke, I've also been busy!  On my facebook page, I asked what you would like.  I got a lot of answers, but EDITABLES was mentioned the most frequently.
So..... I made some editables!  Pictured is my glitter package.  72 pages of calendars, monthly newsletters, and weekly newsletters in both portrait and landscape versions.  I also have these in year-round and scrappy themes.  I've got a BRIGHT version I will be using in my own classroom this year.  I'll be uploading it soon!!!

I've also been working on some math centers.  As promised, I will continue to include my 2nd grade friends as well as my new 4th grade friends!

I KNOW the beginning of the school year is so hectic and trying to do things that involve a lot of prep is near impossible.  These Easy-Peasy Prep Math Centers will help to make that part of your life easier.  You can have these ready with a minimum amount of copies.  No joking!  About 5 minutes of work on your part, and you will have fun activities to last you for a couple of weeks!!!

Here is the 4th grade version that I will be using in my own classroom.

If you haven't liked my Facebook page, you will certainly want to do so.  I always let you know when I upload new units to my store.  I also add certain little perks and incentives along with discounts for the first 48 hours.  

I'm also joining in with some of my best bloggy friends for a Facebook Freebie Hop.  So hurry right over, click on the tab that looks like this

and you will find my Easy-Peasy Prep Math Centers for big kids FREE!  You'll also get lots of goodies from my friends. 

Yep, sharing, caring, and making teachers' lives easier...that's MY KIND OF TEACHING!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer is HERE!!! (along with a freebie)

Last Thursday was my final day of the 2012-2013 school year.  However, that didn't mean that my brain shut off!  I'm sure you can relate...

My mind is already thinking about next school year...

What will my theme be?
What colors do I want to use?
How will I begin my year?
How will I set up my classroom?

Seriously, the brain NEVER stops!!!

Do you have the same problems?

Here are some of the things I have already decided on...

Bright colors of Bordette borders.


I plan on implementing the Daily 5/CAFE into my 4th grade classroom next year.  Can you believe NOT. A. SINGLE. SOLITARY. TEACHER. at my school uses this?  I will be doing some MAJOR blog stalking this summer to help learn more about this.  I have purchased both books and read them cover-to-cover in just a couple of days.

One decision I have already made is to cover my bulletin boards with black fabric and the bright borders to match my existing baskets.  One decision down, only about a million more to go!!!  haha

One thing I LOVE about summer is the summer uniform...shorts and a tee.  That definitely helps me to make my decisions when I'm so comfy and relaxed (and a daily nap doesn't hurt!).  haha

Now on to something for YOU....

Whether you are still in school, teaching summer school, bible school, or just trying to keep your own child busy, here is a freebie for you.  

To get this fun activity, visit my facebook page.  Then click on "For Fans ONLY" to download.  

Having a fun time, without spending lots of money...  
That's MY KIND OF TEACHING even when it's summer.  Enjoy!  :-)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently and becoming a grandma!!!

It's June and that means it's time to link up with Farley for the June currently.

You'll forgive me, I'm sure, that this is short and sweet.  I became a new grandmother on Friday, May 31st at exactly 6:43 p.m. after a very long day sitting in a tiny waiting room.  I spent yesterday (yep, you guessed it!)  back at the hospital with my daughter and that sweet grandson.

They are coming home today and I am super-excited!!!!

They are living in our basement apartment while they are building their new house, so I get to be here with him 24 hours a day to spoil, spoil, spoil!!!

 Here is a picture of me and proud grandpa the first time we laid eyes on him.  It was definitely love at first sight!  

It was perfect timing also, my last day of work was Thursday, so summer vacation began with him.  What could be more perfect than that??