Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two for Tuesday

Sad, sad news....

It is my official last day home for the summer.  I go back to school tomorrow!

WHERE did summer go?  It just seems like yesterday that we finished up the year.

In all actuality it is the shortest summer on record in all of 27 years of teaching.  

The first time EVER that I will have worked during every single month of the year.

BOO!!!  HOOO!!!!!

In anticipation that you will be going back soon also, I have put 2 products on sale for 50% off today (and tomorrow since some of you might not get your notification of this post until Wednesday in your Blog Lovin' feed).

I am offering one for my 2nd grade friends and one for my 4th grade friends!

I used this 2nd grade math spiral EVERY day in my classroom when I taught 2nd grade.  It gives a quick daily review of all concepts.  I could tell that it really made a difference for my students.


So, of course, when I moved to 4th grade, I knew I couldn't do it without a math spiral for my 4th graders.  All of the math teachers in my grade used this 4th grade math spiral EVERY day in our classrooms this past year.  Our standardized test scores rose quite a bit.  We all contributed it to the use of this spiral.


About now, you are probably thinking "Oh, my school would NEVER allow me to make so many copies"  (at least that's what I think since we only have a set amount of copies to make each month)!

The great news is...  There are NO copies to make with these!


Yep, you heard me.

I project these onto my big screen each day.

See the previews for each by clicking on the picture.

I hope this 50% off all year unit will help you get your year off to a great start!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fun & Games Memory

It's time for more Fun and Games!

Several members of The Teaching Tribune have joined together to create this fun game. Do you know all of the members? 

Today we will be playing Memory.

 Hop around to find the pictures posted on their FB pages. Keep track of whose picture matches whose. Then head on over to the Teaching Tribune to enter the pairs of matching pictures. You have to have them all in order to be entered to win! What’s the prize you ask? One lucky person will win these fabulous classroom buzzers! 


Did you know that when you like our Facebook pages, you also need to click the drop-down  menu and choose "Get Notifications"?  Yes, just liking our page won't let you get our postings, freebies, ideas, giveaways, and so much more!  You'll miss out on lots and lots of goodies without doing that extra click.  Be sure to click the "following" button also.  I've got lots of great things going on over at my Facebook page and don't want you to miss any of it!  :-)


Be sure you do the above.  I've got some great things headed your way!  :-)

Because that's just...