Friday, June 13, 2014

Want to Join my (Creating) Class?

I have been contemplating something for awhile.  Starting a class to teach others to create their own products!  
(I hope I'm not crazy or shooting my self in the TPT $$ foot!)

However, it's an idea I've revisited for over a year now that just wouldn't let go.

Ever since I started teaching (way before some of you were even born... HA!), I have always made my own products.  I just felt that my ideas were as good (usually better, if I'm honest) than what was found in the trade books.  I also got tired of buying a resource book for $19.95 and then only using a page or so. 

When I first started teaching I had to do it the old fashioned way of REALLY cutting and pasting!  :-)

When I discovered TPT, I realized this was the avenue for me.  However, I had no clue how to even begin!  I jumped in with both feet and self-taught myself through trial and error and asking a question here and a question there (didn't want to irritate any one person too badly!).

Now, I am offering my services to teach YOU how to make your own products.  Some of you will not have the time and would much rather pay than to join in.  Believe me, I completely understand!

Some of you, might want to give it a whirl and see if you can do the same for your own classroom.

And the rest of you, might just be like me and have ideas galore in your head.  (I tell my husband, it's scary at all the things in there that I need to get out and into a product!)  

If you fall into one of the last 2 categories, you might just want to join this summer class to learn more.  Whether for yourself and your own classroom or to open a TPT store and start making money, this is your answer!

There is a small fee of $25 to join.  Think of it as investing in your future!  :-)

(And you can count it off on taxes also!)

Although newsletters and "class" will be concluded, the FB group will continue with discussions, support and guidance.  You will be AMAZED at what you are producing by August.  We've got to have some products ready for your classroom! 

This offer will only be good until Sunday afternoon (June 15, 2014).  So don't miss out!  Spend your summer learning.  After all, isn't that what many of us spend our summer doing?  

I look forward to hearing from you!  

That's just...
My Kind of Teaching

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