Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer is HERE!!! (along with a freebie)

Last Thursday was my final day of the 2012-2013 school year.  However, that didn't mean that my brain shut off!  I'm sure you can relate...

My mind is already thinking about next school year...

What will my theme be?
What colors do I want to use?
How will I begin my year?
How will I set up my classroom?

Seriously, the brain NEVER stops!!!

Do you have the same problems?

Here are some of the things I have already decided on...

Bright colors of Bordette borders.


I plan on implementing the Daily 5/CAFE into my 4th grade classroom next year.  Can you believe NOT. A. SINGLE. SOLITARY. TEACHER. at my school uses this?  I will be doing some MAJOR blog stalking this summer to help learn more about this.  I have purchased both books and read them cover-to-cover in just a couple of days.

One decision I have already made is to cover my bulletin boards with black fabric and the bright borders to match my existing baskets.  One decision down, only about a million more to go!!!  haha

One thing I LOVE about summer is the summer uniform...shorts and a tee.  That definitely helps me to make my decisions when I'm so comfy and relaxed (and a daily nap doesn't hurt!).  haha

Now on to something for YOU....

Whether you are still in school, teaching summer school, bible school, or just trying to keep your own child busy, here is a freebie for you.  

To get this fun activity, visit my facebook page.  Then click on "For Fans ONLY" to download.  

Having a fun time, without spending lots of money...  
That's MY KIND OF TEACHING even when it's summer.  Enjoy!  :-)

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