Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cades Cove, Editables, and a Facebook FREEBIE Hop

I've had two weeks off for summer already and it is FLYING by.  Seriously, where is the time going?

I am having so much fun having a baby in the house!  It is so true that having a grandchild is GRAND.  I get to do all the loving things and still get a full night's sleep!  (haha)

Yesterday, to celebrate Father's Day, the family loaded up to go for a day trip to one of our favorite places... Cades Cove in the Smokey Nat'l Park.  

 If you ever get the chance to go, you should definitely do it.  It is so beautiful and serene!  We saw several bears and their cubs, turkeys, and deer.  In the past we've also seen red wolves (they've since been removed from the park), coyotes, skunks, and racoons.  There are several old houses and churches along with lots of hiking trails.  Be sure to pack lots of food and drinks.  You will want to spend all day there driving the 11 mile one way loop!

Besides cuddling with Baby Luke, I've also been busy!  On my facebook page, I asked what you would like.  I got a lot of answers, but EDITABLES was mentioned the most frequently.
So..... I made some editables!  Pictured is my glitter package.  72 pages of calendars, monthly newsletters, and weekly newsletters in both portrait and landscape versions.  I also have these in year-round and scrappy themes.  I've got a BRIGHT version I will be using in my own classroom this year.  I'll be uploading it soon!!!

I've also been working on some math centers.  As promised, I will continue to include my 2nd grade friends as well as my new 4th grade friends!

I KNOW the beginning of the school year is so hectic and trying to do things that involve a lot of prep is near impossible.  These Easy-Peasy Prep Math Centers will help to make that part of your life easier.  You can have these ready with a minimum amount of copies.  No joking!  About 5 minutes of work on your part, and you will have fun activities to last you for a couple of weeks!!!

Here is the 4th grade version that I will be using in my own classroom.

If you haven't liked my Facebook page, you will certainly want to do so.  I always let you know when I upload new units to my store.  I also add certain little perks and incentives along with discounts for the first 48 hours.  

I'm also joining in with some of my best bloggy friends for a Facebook Freebie Hop.  So hurry right over, click on the tab that looks like this

and you will find my Easy-Peasy Prep Math Centers for big kids FREE!  You'll also get lots of goodies from my friends. 

Yep, sharing, caring, and making teachers' lives easier...that's MY KIND OF TEACHING!!!

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  1. Looks like you are enjoying every minute of your summer break! I love those Easy Peasy math centers. Talk about student created and minimal prep for the teacher!