Monday, May 20, 2013

The Greatest Pencil Sharpener EVER

What is your number #1 pet peeve?  I'm not sure if this is my number1, but it IS one of my biggest...


Yep, I've tried about everything.  I've sharpened pencils and had them waiting for the students.  I've allowed a pencil sharpening time each morning.   I've even given students personal pencil sharpeners as gifts (2-3 times a year), but yet there is ALWAYS an issue with pencils.


Have you seen, heard or even used one of these FANTASTIC pencil sharpeners?

If you ask me, it's one of the GREATEST items ever invented!  haha
 You can do some SERIOUS writing with that sharp point!
 I sharpened all of these in just a couple of joke!

I showed it to the asst. principal and principal.  They were so impressed that they showed the PTO president, who then ordered enough for EVERY teacher at my school.

Isn't that the PRETTIEST color of blue??
One of the best gifts ever given to us!

Believe me, if you try it ONE time, you'll never use any other!

My friend Christi over at Ms. Fultz's Corner is hosting a giveaway for one of these fabulous sharpeners.  Stop by to enter.  Hopefully, you'll be the lucky winner!

And speaking of winning, I've joined in on a

Click on the picture to win some great items!

This is my last week...only 4 more days....

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  1. Hi Cynthia, great post regarding the sharpeners. I tried to win one a couple of times but I couldn't stand it anymore and had to purchase one. I LOVE it and my students think it is awesome.
    I also chose that beautiful blue color. It is a must have for every classroom. :-)