Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday

Today was our LAST day!!!

Where did this year go?  It seems like just yesterday it was January!

It was bittersweet for me as I'm leaving 2nd grade and moving to 4th.  There were lots of tears!!!

Here are some things going on in my life as we get ready for Summer...


1)  My kiddos played my Summertime Scoot game.  They enjoyed this so much (and it kept them active during these last few antsy days).

2)  I made a trip to the Dollar Tree (LOVE that place!).  I thought these expandable files would be great for some task cards.  And I couldn't resist these bright pencils.

3)  We opened our pool now that we are FINALLY starting to get some warmer temps here in N. Georgia.  I still can't believe what a cool and rainy spring it has been.  (Sorry, picture was taken through the bedroom window...hence the screen.)

4)  My hubby plowed up the garden.  I visited the dreaded Walmart yesterday and bought some plants and seeds so that we can get some yummy veggies growing.

5)  Crystal Fox (aka The Library Fox) drew this adorable "mini-me" for my new blog.  (I love the fact that black is so slimming!!!  haha)
And that's just a very small sample of my EXTREMELY busy last week at school!


  1. Just popped by from Five For Friday - such a cute blog!

    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    Happy Summer! We are heading into Winter here and have 6 more months of this school year left so I am very jealous of your vacation time. :)

    I popped over to visit from the linky.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. The first Dollar Tree ever is opening up by our area. Ever since they put up a sign advertising that a Dollar Tree will be opening up, I have been driving by every week; anxiously waiting. I can't wait to get into that store. I feel like a little girl waiting to open up my Christmas gifts.
    Love your expandable folders. That might be my first investment as soon as the store opens up. I also love your mini-me drawing. Sooo cute!!!!

  4. Awww... your mini-me looks adorable on your signature! Thank you for the shout out! :-)