Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Awesome Educents Deal

I must say....

I LOVE 4th grade!!!

I am having the best time with my (almost) 90 kiddos!!!



We decided to departmentalize this school year (low test scores... trying something new to raise them).  I am only teaching reading and math.  Only my 2 very favorite subjects in the whole wide world!!!

I've had so much fun making new products to use in my classroom (it's a sickness... I know!)

BUT, there are just not enough hours in the day to make EVERYTHING I need (who wants to use stuffy old textbooks that aren't even aligned to Common Core??)

Thank goodness for TPT.  I bought LOTS of great units during the big sale.

I've also found another GREAT place for getting some quality products at a great deal (after all, I'm all about the savings...haha)

Have you tried Educents??  I LOVE them!!!

I had a wonderful opportunity to be part of ANOTHER great package deal from them.  This time for 4th and 5th grades.  

I've been downloading and I just can't WAIT to start using these terrific products.  Some of my very favorite sellers are included, and I've found some new ones as well!

Here are the facts:

There are 19 sellers included in this bundle.

27 products.

A wide range of curriculum across the school year.

Sale Dates:  August 20-30

ONLY $30!!!!  


Here's my unit that is included.

I am very excited to be teaming up with these other sellers to offer you such great savings.

All together there are over 900 pages to keep your 4th and 5th graders learning throughout the year!   

Click here to head on over to Educents to take advantage of this limited time bundle to get your 4th and 5th graders ready for success!

Planning ahead and being prepared...


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Classroom Reveal!!!

WOW!  It has been one super busy, TIRING week!

We had 5 days of pre-planning beginning Aug. 1 (read... LOTS of meetings), and started school with students on Thursday.  I am so sad to say, there were still things I did not get finished for my walls.  My printer at home died and then the only color printer we have at school tore up.   Luckily, the students didn't realize anything was amiss!  I did break down and go buy a new wireless printer which I am LOVING!

This past week was our first full week with students.  I have had a serious medical condition for the last couple of weeks.  I think most teachers get it at this time of year...
crazy school dreams
tunnel vision
long days
longer nights thinking about everything still needing done

Yep, I call this serious medical condition BACK-TO-SCHOOL BRAIN FOG!!!!

Do you get it also?

Thankfully, mine seems to be clearing up and I feel like I can see the world around me again.



This year I do not have a theme.  I am using bright colors instead.  

I started off by making LOTS of numbers.  I am using them in a variety of ways.

To read more about using these and to download these numbers free, visit my post over at The Teaching Tribune.

I am so excited to start the Daily 5 this year.  I've been reading the book and even got a membership to the website.  Here is my board all ready to go.  On the table is my basket of poems and read alouds.  The chest under the table holds blankets and towels for the kiddos to use when getting comfy to read.  The second chest has an assortment of odds and ends books for my homeroom students to use.

Here's my CAFE area.  I found these bright colorful plates at Dollar General.

My new 4th grade classroom was an add on, which means that there was NOTHING in the room.  Thankfully, after 25 years of teaching I have accumulated lots of my own personal things to take with me.  My principal purchased these book bins and they just came in the mail on Thursday.  My reading class and I were so excited to finally have some storage!

 Here is our gathering place.  I found this rocking chair (already painted blue) about 8 years ago at a yard sale.  I bought the rug last year for $10 from a carpet mill going out of business.  Some of the pillows were "donated" by my youngest daughter when I cleaned out her bedroom after she got married.  The others were bought at a yard sale this summer for only $2 each and my mom recovered them for me.

My mom took a shower curtain I purchased, cut it in half and added button holes to cover up my storage shelves above the coat racks.

 These If I Don't Know the Word I Can... posters are FREE in my store here.

This REMINDER wall is located next to the door as the students exit.  I glued several of my Bulletin Board Dots on the wall.  Information that is important to the students is displayed here.  To find out how to make your own out of cardboard boxes, click here.

Here is my classroom library.  Some of the baskets I purchased previously.  I added to my blue and green colors and purchased pink and purple to add to my collection.  The letters are foam glitter letters from Walmart for 97 cents each.

A little closer view...

I decided to sort my books by series or genres this year.  Each basket was assigned a number and then the name of the basket, along with the number, is posted in front of the bin.

Each book then has a sticker with the same number on it.  So far, this system is working great and all the books are finding their way back to their home!  :-)

Here is a picture of my door.  My bright color theme kind of evolved into polka-dots as well, so I decided to just embrace it.  The background is a $1 table cloth.
 Next to my door is this sweet metal board I found at the recycle store for only a couple of bucks.  It would be so easy to do with a small cookie sheet as well.  The smiley face magnet gets placed on the correct area when we leave the room.  I am teaching almost 90 students this year, so this is a must have when someone is looking for me.

Thankfully when I left the school Friday, My To-Do List was all completed!!!

I have TONS more pictures but didn't want to over whelm you.  I'll have more to share in the next several days.

In the meantime...

 FINALLY.... The big Back-to-School Teachers Pay Teachers site-wide sale has begun.  My store will be on sale.  So head on over and unload your cart.  Thanks so much for purchasing from me!  :-)

 In the meantime, I've got to do my own share of shopping and finish up those lesson plans for this week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made it.... FINALLY!!!

FINALLY - I've made something that I can link up with!!  haha

I call these Bulletin Board Dots!

I visited the fabulous JoAnn's and purchased 5 different pieces of pre-cut fabric quarters.  They were $1.99 each, but with my teacher discount I got $1.49 off, so one ended up being only 50 cents!    So for about $8.00 I was able to make lots of bulletin board dots.

Cardboard boxes (free)
Round containers
pen for tracing containers
fabric and hot glue gun

Cut out any size of cardboard circles you like.  Cover with pieces of fabric using hot glue gun.

Here are five of my largest circles.

A variety of fabric circles completed.

Hang the Bulletin Board Dots on the wall.  Use a pushpin to attach whatever you want.

Bright and colorful and OH.SO.EASY!

That's My Kind of Teaching! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back-to-School Blog Hop with FREEBIES

Well, y'all...

It's official!!!

I'm back in school.  That's what happens here in the south.  For all of you that were feeling jealous of us at the end of May??

Well, now it's OUR turn...

Yep... I am feeling SUPER jealous of all of you right now!!!

However, to ease my pain (a little), I have joined up with some other great 3rd and 4th grade teachers to bring you a fun little blog hop.  This hop is hosted by a good bloggy friend of mine, Christi Fultz from Ms. Fultz's Corner.

Along the way, you can gather some freebies to enjoy...

Maybe find some new blogs to stalk...

and some new TPT stores to buy from when you DO go back to school (if you're not from the south like me!).

You might even want to join me on Pinterest (hint:  I'm ALL about pinning real pictures to get inspiration and ideas for my room AND yours!)

Here's my freebie...

I also have a back to school tip for you....

RUN!!!!  haha

Speaking of running, when I taught kindergarten, I learned VERY quickly to always wear my running shoes on the first day of school.  One time I had on a dress and heels.  One child tried to run away FOUR times.  I would just hike up my dress, kick off my shoes and yell for the other kids to line up behind me as we would go chasing him down.  Once, he made it to the fence, and I actually had to climb up after him.  LOL...

My REAL tip is to assign each child a number.  Label cubbies, hooks, etc with numbers.  The child will ALWAYS put his name and number (we can hope, right?) on his/her paper, and that same number is used for everything you can think of.  Then as students move out/in during the year, rather than labeling, just assign the new student the same number as a student who moved out.  This will make your life easier (well,a little anyway).

Tomorrow (Monday) you will find a post with more about using numbers, along with a freebie of the numbers over at The Teaching Tribune.

You can grab another freebie from my Facebook page.

Now, head on over to the next blog for another tip and freebie.

And don't forget I've got a product in this HUGE Educents bundle.  A $201 value for only $30!!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday